AQUAINITIATOR of general influence

As a basis for obtaining programs in the AQUAINITIATOR format of general influence, donor samples are taken from various biologically active substances (for example, extracts of medicinal herbs, their seeds, germinated seeds, nuts, pollen, royal jelly, mumiyo, stone oil, etc.).

“Life is animated Water”

by Leonardo Da Vinci

Technologies of System Correction is a new approach to solving problems in various fields:

  • intelligent systems and biotechnologies;
  • ecology and healthcare;
  • management and goal-setting;
  • production and processing.

Programs in the AQUAINITIATOR format are the result of a unique technology. This is a deep impact model obtained by software transforming radio-optical holograms (topographic images) from various donor objects of animate and inanimate nature. We obtain the AQUAINITIATOR of general influence with the help of the hardware-software complex 1 and the hardware-software complex 2 based on lasers and other generators of physical fields. As a basis for obtaining an information signal, donor samples are taken from various biologically active substances (for example, extracts of medicinal herbs, their seeds, germinated seeds, nuts, pollen, royal jelly, mumiyo, stone oil, etc.). The radio-optical holograms (topographic images) obtained in the hardware-software complex 1 are transferred to the hardware-software complex 2, where they are programmatically converted into AQUAINITIATORS of general influence (by analyzing them, cleaning them from various parasitic frequencies, noise, by combining, synthesizing and mixing with various useful sounds of natural origin and harmonious melody), for example:

  • AQUAINITIATORS of various biologically active substances of natural origin for translation to water and water-containing liquids, to give them various useful properties and characteristics.
  • AQUAINITIATORS of special influence for the regulation of various biological, chemical, physical and other processes (regulation of the fermentation or fermentation process, dispersion, control of the behavior of various bacterial and fungal crops (for example, in the dairy industry, fisheries, agriculture, forestry, production of dietary supplements, chemical industry and metallurgy).
  • Special programs for various purposes, consisting of program combinations of AQUAINITIATORS (for example, the programs “Healthy Sleep”, “Vigor”, “Male Potential”, “Stakhanovets”, “Female Energies”, “Rejuvenation”, “Siberian Health”, “Creative”, “Chef”, “Source of Strength”, etc.).

When using programs in the AQUAINITIATOR format, the following are possible:

  • General correction of the state of health (until complete healing). The process of restoring the original integrity of the damaged structure is underway.
  • Healing effect (general improvement of health, well-being, healthier sleep, increased endurance, increased resistance during psycho-emotional and physical exertion) due to the activation of the body at its own frequencies. Prevention of various diseases (cardio- and oncological diseases, infertility, immune diseases, viral diseases and many others).
  • Strengthening the body.
  • Rejuvenation of the body.
  • Staying (finding) a person in a state of awareness, in which it is easier for her to recognize (recognize) environmental factors.
  • Correction of the field of events (to reach your best possible scenario for the development of fate). Realization of its purpose. IFC builds in the life field of human events situations that are necessary and favorable to him.
  • Increased creativity.
  • Disclosure of physical and mental capabilities (abilities).
  • Restoration of the human aqua-field (“aura”/”biofield”) and its maintenance in adverse conditions.
  • Individual protection of a person from psychophysical influences.
  • Correction of the consequences of various adverse information influences on the personality that have arisen as a result of its “mistakes” in the way of thinking, words, actions (deeds), the result of cause-and-effect relationships, the so-called “damage”.
  • Neutralization of the effects of harmful radiation of various electronic devices: mobile phones, computers and others.
    Neutralization of the impact of biospheric pathogenic zones.
  • An additional weighty tool to protect against other various adverse effects.
  • The possibility of reagent-free, targeted, remote assignment of specified properties to various objects of living and inanimate nature.

The program in the AQUAINITIATOR format is made using a unique technology, where the technology of linguistic-wave genetics is taken as a basis and has been significantly improved by us. The development  of LVH is based on an expanded understanding of the functions of the genetic code. This is a recording of EMSHI spin-ordered information that is contained in the umbilical cord blood, placenta, photograph of the child, any substance, etc. The healing and corrective effect is achieved through listening,  looking at, etc., the pattern of exposure in a certain way. At the level of consciousness, this is perceived by a person as a noise or flicker, accompanied by various sensations.

Since the AQUAINITIATOR is a kind of key or set of addresses with the help of which the body “updates” information about its ideal state, which is then reflected in the physical body, in other words, there is a recovery and a turn of life circumstances in a favorable direction. This information is strategic information built according to the laws of Beauty and Harmony. These laws are primary and titled.  in our universe and build living organisms, and man. IFCs provide harmonic images associated with the initial spin modulation of probing laser photons that capture information from various extracts of biologically active substances (for example, stone oil, bee royal jelly, shilajit, extracts of medicinal herbs, etc.), as well as from children’s photographs. Information is absorbed by almost any aqua system and correction is effective.

The AQUAINITIATOR 969 “Weight Correction” program is designed to solve the problem of obesity.

To create the program, radio-optical holograms obtained from biologically active substances of natural origin (extracts from medicinal herbs, berries, beekeeping products, minerals) are used. In particular, AQUAINITIATOR 969 is made using black currant (extract of berries, leaves and stems), blueberries (berry extract), lingonberries (berry extract), raspberries (berry extract), pineapple (extract), green coffee (extract), cocoa beans (extract), bee honey of 4 varieties,  cloves (seed extract), willow-tea (leaf extract), sprouted wheat seeds (extract), pine needles and larch (extract) and 18 more components (medicinal herbs of Siberia and the Altai Mountains). In the near future, the program is planned to be replenished with another 12 components.

The program AQUAINITIATOR 969 “Weight correction” is differentiated into 4 subprograms regarding the causes of obesity:
• 969/1 – overeating
• 969/2 – problems with the thyroid gland
• 969/3 – violation of the intestinal flora as a consequence of taking medications
• 969/4 – intestinal problems
The ideal option for the problem of obesity is AQUAINITIATOR 969 / (1-4) plus AQUAINITIATOR of individual influence.

The AQUAINITIATOR program No. 969 “Weight Correction” is recommended to be used in conjunction with a device with a multi-stage water conditioning system “TITANIA”.

AQUAINITIATOR is recorded in the form of a special program and is supplied for further use in various versions:

  • on removable media (flash drive, player);
  • file on the Internet in various formats (depending on the wishes of the customer). The duration of the program is from 3 to 15 minutes. The program is ready to be played on any household devices designed to play audio, video files and view images (computer, audio, video player, mobile phone, etc.);
  • in the form of a control program for devices based on various generators of physical fields;
  • in the form of a kit for devices with a multi-stage water conditioning system “TITANIA”;
  • the form of various stickers with holograms applied to them;
  • on various crystals, on which AQUAINITIATORS are applied using special lasers.

Proven methods and applications of AQUAINITIATORS:

  • application in combination with an intelligent system for the initiation of specified properties in ISI aquasystems;
  • listening with headphones during exercise;
  • listening early in the morning and before going to bed for 30-40 minutes, drinking during the use of AQUAINITIATORS during the day 2-4 liters of water prepared with the help of the aquaconditioner “TITANIA”;
  • round-the-clock application in the background.

When using AQUAINIATORS, no side effects were detected.

AQUAINITIATOR of general influence, example:


  • Only individual targeted information impact, which has either directly on a person, or on water, which is then used by a person.
  • You pay once and you use it all your life.
  • Unlimited shelf life and use.

Our advantages

  • Versatility of application (in any conditions, on any household devices).
  • Acceptable price level.
  • Loyalty programs to customers and our representatives.
  • New equipment, constantly improving technologies, modern developments that increase efficiency and expand the scope of application of AQUAINITIATORS.

Attention! The use of corrective programs in the AQUAINITIATOR format does not mean the rejection of medical methods of treatment. If you suspect the occurrence of any diseases, contact your doctor first.

Also, it should be remembered that our technology allows you to eliminate various functional disorders (pathologies) of the body, subject to the active and responsible participation of the person himself.  It is necessary to observe the regularity and consistency of the use of this technology. The responsibility for this lies directly with the customer.

Contact our authorized representative to discuss cooperation, purchasing and buying of our products.


Sviatoslav Tarasenko conducted a series of experiments to study the reagentless change in the properties of water (field transfer of the properties of donor objects to water). Purpose: to record the result of the impact of information signals in the AQUAINITIER format on water and metals.

Frozen water samples after exposure to an information signal in the AQUAINITIATOR format

Sviatoslav Tarasenko conducted a series of experiments to study reagentless changes in water properties (field transfer of the properties of donor objects to water). Purpose: to record the result of the impact of information signals in the AQUAINITIATOR format on water and metals. It has been experimentally confirmed that each translated signal changes the level of organization of the object of influence, which leaves its own unique “imprint” in the crystal structure of frozen water samples.

Get to know the results of the experiments

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