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Our company is engaged in research and development in the field of water and air purification and conditioning. The study of the influence of radiation on the functional state of biological systems. Research and development in the field of express diagnostics of the functional state of biosystems. Development of special software for the correction of the functional state of biosystems. Our goal is to create systems for the maximum realization of human capabilities, a long and productive life.

Our projects


A deep impact model for imparting new and/or improving existing properties and characteristics to objects of animate and inanimate nature (materials, biological objects, processes, etc.). Programs in the AQUAINITIATOR format were developed by us in 2012, and have confirmed their effectiveness both experimentally and practically. An essential feature of programs in the AQUAINITIATOR format is that they can be broadcast not only through sound, but also through virtually any type of physical field generator.

AQUAINITIATOR of individual influence

AQUAINITIATOR of individual influence triggers the regeneration of the body to its natural state. The process of restoring the original integrity of the damaged structure (the original “drawing”) is underway. Builds in the life field of human events the necessary and favorable situations.

AQUAINITIATOR according to customer needs

Creation of a program in the format of AQUAINITIATOR from the sample-donor of the customer.

AQUAINITIATOR of general influence

As a basis for obtaining programs in the AQUAINITIATOR format of general influence, donor samples are taken from various biologically active substances (for example, extracts of medicinal herbs, their seeds, germinated seeds, nuts, pollen, royal jelly, mumiyo, stone oil, etc.).

Our technologies for creating influence models allow you to:


Initiate the specified properties in aqua systems according to the tasks. The ability to constantly adjust the impact model itself (programs in the AQUAINITIATOR format) depending on the task, the preliminary, intermediate and final results of the impact, in other words, to correct programs for the needs of the technological process.


Broadcast programs in the AQUAINITIATOR format to the objects of influence to initiate the specified properties by means of both specially prepared water and various generators of physical fields at various distances, including by address.


Create programs in the AQUAINITIATOR format to change and / or give new properties and characteristics to objects of animate and inanimate nature, in order to significantly improve existing and obtain new service properties and characteristics of objects (materials, plants and animals, etc.) and improve / simplify / reduce the cost/increase the efficiency of technological processes.

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